Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a long-term committment for a building?

No contracts. No commitments. Ever. We stand firmly behind the value we deliver with our exclusive Building Advisor product and only want you to continue so long as you are receiving value. Pay per month and cancel at any time.

What is the cost to become a Building Advisor?

The low monthly subscription price varies by building and is based on unit count and average price in the building. Included with your subscription are 500 branded postcards mailed to residents. Even though the program is monthly with no term commitment, you can pre-pay for 12-months, and receive a 20% discount for your building at checkout.

Are there any other fees in the program?

There is a one-time setup fee that covers fulfillment and basic curation costs for the program. The setup fee is per transaction, not per building.

Can I send more postcards to building resdients?

Yes. The base building subscription includes 500 postcards sent annually, but you can easily increase mailings from your account. It is proven that more direct mail results in more response and conversion and we recommend mailing the entire building 1-2 times per month for maximum engagement and success.

Is there a discount for the purchase of multiple buildings?

Yes. Based on individual building success and metrics, many of our agent clients purchase multiple buildings. There is a 5% discount for 2-5 buildings and a 10% discount for 6-10 buildings. Send a note to for custom programs.

Is the marketing and leads exclusive or shared?

Buildings are exclusive to one agent. All leads on the building pages and any associated unit listings are routed directly to the Building Advisor for the building.

Do you provide building management and marketing support?

The Building Advisor program is designed as an easy-to-use, self-service platform for agents. However, we understand agents are busy and may prefer to hire admin and marketing support to help get the most of the program. We have several monthly and one-time curation and marketing support options. Send a note to and a program manager will be in touch to answer any questions.

What are my options if my buildings are taken?

If your building is claimed by another agent, you can purchase another one in the area to start making money immediately and sign up for the Waitlist for your first choice. Simply fill out the Waitlist form on the Building Page and you will be notified when available.

Why should I become a Building Advisor?

Our business is getting you listings and sales with a suite of automated marketing tools.   We establish you as the “face of your building” and the exclusive agent to contact when people search your building on - the world’s largest marketplace of condominiums.  The program is exclusive and you get to play both offense and defense.  You will be the ONLY Agent with this designation; setting you apart from all the other agents.   If you don’t become The Building Advisor in your desired building, another agent will.

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